The Becky Project: Objectives

Hello All,

Welcome to my little corner. I am Rebecca, Becky, Becca, Becks.  Whichever name you feel like going with, I promise I’ve heard them all.  I am a senior at the University of Arkansas, studying international business with a concentration in accounting and a minor in Mandarin (yes, I have to take a deep breath every time I say it aloud too).  I have no idea what I will do with my degree.  I will go ahead and be upfront with you, I am not a writer/blogger/cool person you’d find all that interesting. I am writing this blog as a journal, an outlet or a trial-run, if you will. This blog will consist of stories from my travels, excerpts of my own personal writing, but mostly a journal of my life.

I named this blog The Becky Project because, to me, life is one big project with long-term and short-term goals, different project templates to choose from, and it is a hell of a lot of work to pull off.  And so, being the type-A person I am, I thought I’d lay out my life goals or objectives, if you will.  These are mostly, but not exclusively, long-term goals.  First things first, I want to move out of Arkansas! Don’t get me wrong, I have loved growing up here.  It’s not a bad place to live. The living costs are low, the people are nice, and the weather is nice (most of the time).  However, I figured out a long time ago that this is just not the right place for me.  Second, I want to impact something greater than myself.  Whether it is in a board room, in a nonprofit organization, or teaching English to children in China, I want to serve a higher purpose than my own satisfaction. Third, I want to go to law school to learn to think critically, ask the hard questions, and develop skills to successfully argue a point. I don’t know what I want to do with me law degree once I earn it but I do know it is necessary for being able to think better than the person to my left or right.

If you have any helpful hints please leave a comment below.  Forth, figure everything else out as I go…. I’ll let you know any helpful hints I pick up along the way!





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